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Israel snubbed

26.09.2012 02:30
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­How much of a hand does the Israel lobby really have in the US presidential campaign? Is its role overestimated? Is there danger in Netanyahu’s meddling in domestic American politics? And are American Jews monolithic in their support for US policy towards Israel? CrossTalking with Ruthie Blum, Grant Smith and Stephen Zunes.

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Charles Magus 10.09.2013 17:05

The woman is obviously a Jew! Israel is not interested in Democracy or being friends with the US, it uses the US to do its Dirty work & is a threat to the entire planet! Israel is the Terrorist Apartheid Regime that truly needs to be removed from the World! What about the False Flag Terrorist Attacks Israel carried out, the Lavon Affair, the deliberate USS Liberty Attack! They Jammed the USS Liberty's Signal, & knew exactly what Frequency was used to block the emergency broadcast! Israel's MOSSAD was also behind the 9/11 attacks, along with the Bush Administrations! Zionist Jews are experts at Blaming others.

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