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Boston bombing: What you aren't told (E14)

May 03, 2013 06:07

AFP Photo / Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Download video (80.37 MB)

Triggers pulled on 4th, 2nd & 1st Amendments distracted by flag waving; clunky FBI propaganda; and unleash the War on Bathtubs.

Seek truth from facts with former Marine Corps officer James Fetzer, editor of Storyleak Anthony Gucciardi, the Corbett Report’s James Corbett, Questioning the War on Terror author Kevin Barrett, Boston eyewitnesses, and Fmr. Rep. Ron Paul.

Comments (53)

Anonymous user 07.07.2013 10:09

Ah the Arabs want to play along with the Anglo alliance, I can't feel sorry for the Arabs or Yanks.

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 10:12

massive arrests need to begin NOW

Anonymous user 17.06.2013 14:30

It does not ultimately serve HUMAN interests of any kind.

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